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Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle is owned by me, Kevin Tully, and my partner, Chad Hill.

I’m not your run-of-the-mill “master builder” as so many fabricators seem to be today. Not me, I’m always learning, and am far from being a “master” of metal craft. I’ve had my hands in cars and bikes since that meant the pedal kind.

I attended the University Of Alaska for Welding Technologies and then to the U.S. Air Force and their Aircraft Fabricators School at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD. After that was on to Autofab Racecars where I studied under Mark Constantine and learned all about chassis engineering and monster horsepower.

I’m dedicated to bringing old school craftsmanship and tradition back to today’s hot rodding as well as bringing the trades back into focus for today's youth.




My name is Chad Hill and in 2006 I became Kevin Tully’s new partner at Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle. I have been a graphic designer/art director in downtown Chicago for 21 years, opening my own automotive aftermarket based design firm, Django Studios, in 2012. My passion is hot rods. I have several, but the 3 you are most likely to see on the road are my 1936 Ford 5 window coupe, 1955 Chevy wagon or my 1967 Chevelle SS convertible. In 2006, I drove the ‘36 coupe to Austin, TX for the Lonestar Round Up car show, and had a great time on the 2400 mile round trip.

Whether you're into hot rods, customs or road racing and drag racing, we can build a car for you that will exceed your expectations visually and from a performance level.



Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle Every day Keith Grashorn applies that same Can Do attitude at HRCC as he did while serving in the USAF as the Crew Chief of a HH-60G Pave Hawk Helicopter. Having grown up working on hot rods and WWII vehicles with his Dad, Dennis Grashorn, he definitely has a love for the old iron, especially his '64 Plymouth Belvedere. He loves the thrill of learning something new everyday on various project cars, and like the Air Force, having a tight knit crew. He has become an integral part of the team as Shop Chief.
Adam Hipple Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle Dennis Grashorn is a 40 year veteran of fabrication and machining industry, restoring WWII and 1930's aircraft, hot rods and steam engines. Besides his '48 GMC pickup and '47 Plymouth, he enjoys maintaining an ever expanding fleet of WWII vehicles and and a Quad .50 Caliber M2 Heavy Machine gun, and thus participating in WWII reenactments together with his son, Keith. And he gets to work with his son everyday. What father wouldn't love that?


Richard Leidolf is our parts manager. He does a great job sourcing the thousands of parts it takes to put together a custom hot rod or race car.

Bob Fliege is our machinist and chassis fabricator. He brings a wealth of information to HRCC from the tool and die industry and has helped to expand our product offering exponentially.

Matthew Hysen is a fabricator, sheet metal fabricator, and final assembly specialist. He takes every project we throw at him with ease.

Daniel Sroka is new mechanic with knowledge of new technology and a thirst for knowledge on the older technolgy. Look for him on the track with us in his C5 this summer.

Adam Hipple Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle

This Could Be You! Want to live the dream building hot rods and get paid? We're looking for a second Sheet Metal Fabricator and a chassis fabricator. Visit our Jobs page and contact Kevin with your resume and a letter detail why you think you have what it takes to build hot rods.

We also are open to internships for the right students with the drive and right skillset for chassis fab and sheet metal work.





Thanks for look’n us up, and stop by and bench race if you’ve got the time. The shop is always open to everyone.
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