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1929 Essex Coach


1929 Essex Sedan

Engine: 1963 Mopar 413 Big Block
Transmission: A833 Mopar 4 spd w/ Hurst Ram Rod shifter
Rear End: 1959 Ford Ranchero 9"
Front Suspension: 1937 Ford Front Axle With Spit Wishbones
Frame: Custom 2x3 box frame
Body Modifications: 5" Chop, 1951 Ford Tail Lights, 1939 Dodge D-11 Grill

This is Kevin's car, and the most common question we get is... "when will it be done?!" Good question! Consider the case of the cobbler's shoes, and you'll find the answer within. The body was bought at the innagural Garage Days when it was at Marty and Sons in Sycamore. The pics of Chad in the the car in the junkyard were taken at least a year before they ever met. How's that for "meant to be"??

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