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1930 Ford Model A Coupe

"The Hot Rod With No Name"

1929 Essex Sedan

Engine: Edelbrock X-3 Equipped 392 Chrysler Hemi, Len Hughs Mag
Transmission: TKO600
Rear End: HRCC 9", Quartermax 4 link with wishbone
Front Suspension: 4" Dropped Alum-I-Beam Axle with wishbones
Frame: HRCC / SFI 25.4 Tube Chassis
Body Modifications: 5" Chop
Interior: Minimal

What should you call a car that whether at the drag strip or a cruise night, causes an uneasy feeling in all who cross it's path, unsure if it will lend a helping hand or just rob you blind? The Hot Rod With No Name.

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