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1935 Ford Coupe Bonneville Racer

"Salt Queen"

Engine: 1958 Lincoln 462 built by Opel Engineering
Transmission: T-56
Rear End: Ford 9"
Front Suspension: 4" Dropped Axle with split wishbones
Frame: Chrome Moly Bonneville spec tube chassis
Body Modifications: 6 " Chop, bobbed rear panel, '40 Ford hood nose, full bellypan
Interior: WWII bomber seats for street, race spec single seat for Bonnevile competition

Tires: Blackwall Firestones from Coker Tire

Like most hot rodders, we are drawn to Bonneville. Ever since the concept art appeared in HOT ROD magazine, the dream grows and grows. This coupe will take us there. Will we set records? On paper we have the potential. But it seems we have very little time to work on our own projects. And you won't hear us complaining about that!

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