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Raybestos GTO-R Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle


1964 Pontiac GTO-R

Road Racing Giveaway Car

1929 Essex Sedan






Engine: GM Performance Parts LS(X) 454, 700HP
Transmission: T-56
Rear End: HRCC 9"
Front Suspension: HRCC Corvette
Frame: No frame! Full unibody construction
Body Modifications: Left and Right fuel doors, Fiberglass hood, decklid and bumpers.

Possibly America's favorite musclecar, the Raybestos Brakes GTO-R Give-a-way car will be built for one thing... putting the power to the pavement on the open road and the racetrack. Designed with Raybestos' Racing Heritage and an HRCC chassis design, there is no mistaking that this Goat means business. And as the number on the door indicates, this ride goes to 11! It's been a crazy summer. We had IHRA top fuel champion Clay Millican make a few passes at the drag strip. And World Challenge champion Robb Holland throwing it around the Optima Challenge in Nevada after it was on display at the SEMA show.

Keep your eyes peeled for build coverage in Hot Rod Magazine, and on Hot Rod TV! The insanely lucky winner (from Canada) was announced at the 2011 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

For more photos and VIDEO, interviews and more photos, visit RaybestosGarage.com.

World Challenge Champion Drive Robb Holland piloted the GTO-R at the Optima Street Car Challenge in Parumph, Nevada  
IHRA Top Fuel Champion Clay Millican piloted the GTO-R at the Hunnert Car Heads Up  
* photos by Max Gerson * photos by Robert McGaffin

Featuring these build partners:

The Paint Spot

Opel Engineering

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