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The Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle Skunkworks Racing Division is proud to announce that we are building a 1965 Mercury Comet Trans Am Inspired Race Car for Craftsman Tools! It's running a Hilborn Stack Injector on a Roush 427R backed by a Hurst Driveline Tremec T-56 and a Moser Engineering rear end with our rear suspension. Mustang II up front with RideTech shocks and Wilwood Disc Brakes. Rolling Stock consists of Nitto Tires and HRCC designed Weld Racing "Riverside" wheels. It will debut at SEMA 2014 and will tour the country to various Goodguys and Ultimate Street Car Association events throughout 2015!

Check out the Craftsman Club website to follow the build, watch videos and get great deals from Craftsman. Click HERE.

See the build videos also on our youTube channel HERE.

Craftsman Comet 1965

Craftsman Comet 1965

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Hurst: http://www.hurst-shifters.com/

BangShift.com: http://bangshift.com/

Dynotech: http://www.dynotechengineering.com/

Hilborn Fuel Injection: http://www.hilborninjection.com/

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VFN Fiberglass http://www.vfnfiberglass.com

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Eastwood: http://www.eastwood.com

Spal Automotive USA: https://www.spalusa.com

Wilwood: http://www.wilwood.com

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