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Hot Rods were meant to be DRIVEN. So with that creedo firmly in hand, comes risk. Risk from idiots on cell phones, texting, eating a Big Mac, and so on. BAM! Before you can get out of their way (and you saw it happen in slow motion right before your eyes), a fun filled day driving your favorite car is ruined. Not to mention that rare NOS grille or '32 Deuce Heavy Axle you searched eons to find!

Luckily the folks at Hagerty Insurance understand that our customers DRIVE their cars, and that a hot rod is a custom mix of parts that were never meant to be joined together in the first place. Which can be an overwhelming task for your basic body shop or restoration shop. That's where we come in. We know hot rods and customs. They are our lifeblood. And we can work with Hagerty to make sure you back on the road in no time flat.

Click on the images for more information from Hagerty. Our '55 Chevy Wagon, '67 Chevelle, and all the '36 Fords are covered by Hagerty. Give them a call today!












1929 Essex Sedan

1929 Essex Sedan


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