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We work with certain companies on a regular basis because we believe in their products or services. You should too.

Victory Header Flanges
Ogden Top and Trim

The Paint Spot

Opel Engineering

Radir Wheels
Coker Tire

Painless Wiring

Hilborn Injection
Moser Engineering . OFFICIAL Rear End Components of Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle)
Miller Electric Welders . (OFFICIAL Welding Equippment of Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle)
Wilcap Adapters

Stewart Warner
Steele Rubber
Flaming River
Power Master
American Powertrain

Comp Cams

JE Pistons
Classic Tube

Original Parts Group


Chicago Rockabilly
The Cocktail Preachers
The Dynotones
Hot Rod Hucksters
Lords Of Altamont
Mad Fabricators Society
The Reluctant Aquanauts
Rock-A-Billy Radio (support this kick-ass online radio station)

Chrome Czars (Chicago)
Blacktop Barons (Joliet)
Suedes (Minn)
Half-Fast Chicago (Chicago)

Hunnert Car Pileup (2011 was the final year)
Hunnert Car Heads Up (This is a shop sponsored event)
Blacktop Barons Road Block
Cheaters Show (info to come)
Back to the Fifties


Forums, Zines, & Books
The H.A.M.B (The Jalopy Journal Forum)
Car Kulture DeLuxe
Hop Up Magazine
The Rodder's Journal
Mag-neto Magazine
Traditional Rod & Kulture Magazine
Rolls & Pleats
Speed & Chrome Illustrated


Design Services
Magarotto Studio
Django Studios

  Misc. Coolness
The Cascade Drive-in (support your local drive-ins before they're gone!)
Raybestos (OFFICIAL Brake of Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle)
Peak Antifreeze (OFFICIAL Antifreeze of Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle)
Unauthorized Graphics
Windy City Rollers (Chicago's All-Female Flat-Track Roller Derby)
Dan's Hot Rod Photo (Cool hot rod photography)
Kim Peterson Photography (Even more cool hot rod photography. We won't lie...She's a rockstar.)

Save Our History
American Hot Rod Foundation

Widow's Web: P-61 Restoration Site
Grissom Air Museum
Chanute Air Museum
Pacific Aviation Museum, Oahu, Hawaii
Great Lakes Naval Air Museum
US Air Force Museum
Commemorative Air Force
Red Tail Project
National Cowboy Museum
Texas Rangr Museum

Illinois Railway Museum
Hesston Steam Museum

2005 Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle - Blood Curdln' Legal Mumbo Jumbo

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