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Here are a few of the traditional hot rod parts we carry...


Victory Header Flanges

Make your own custom unique headers with these header flanges specifically designed for many vintage and rare motors...

Studebaker 224-259-289
Desoto Hemi
Chrysler Hemi 392
Ford 4-Banger (Model A) Ford/Mercury Flathead
Ford 226 254 L6 Flathead Ford Y-Block 292-312
Ford 289-302
Ford FE 352-390-427-428
Ford MEL 383-410-430-462
Lincoln 279 302 317 333 368
Pontiac 287 316
Pontiac 347
Pontiac 389 and up
Buick Inline 8 248-263 320
Buick 264
Buick Nailhead 322-364-401-425
Cadillac 346 intake/exhaust
Cadillac 331
Cadillac 365-390-429
Cadillac 425-472-500
Olds Rocket 303
Olds Rocket 324
Olds Rocket 371early
Olds Rocket 371late 394
GMC 250 292 GMC 288 324 336 347
Packard 320-352-374
Mopar 350-361-383
Mopar 413-426-440
Dodge Red Ram 241-270-315
Chevrolet 250 292 PLUS
Chevrolet 283-305-327-350-400
Chevrolet 348-409
Don't see what you need? Just Ask!

Tired of buying header flanges that warp? Or you get them out of the box and no bolts or gaskets? Well frustration be damned! We are now offering everything you need in a "one stop" set up. Flange sets come with Felpro gaskets (not those cheap-oh Autozoo ones), the correct amount and length of 12 point header bolts (for clearance and easy tightening) and 3/8" thick header flanges. All in one box, just add tubing! Our list below is growing, so if you don't see what you need, just us and we'll set you up right. We have flanges for the Olds 303-324-371-394 Rockets, but Felpro only offers gaskets for the 394, so we're searching for quality gaskets for the earlier Rockets.

Gasket and bolt kits for most motors available.

For more information visit victoryheaderflanges.com for the complete line of Victory Speed Equipment.


Vintage Style Plug Wires ... Call (based on motor)

Make your motor look more period correct with these coated vintage cloth style wires.

Available Colors in 7MM Wire:
-Black w/ two Blue Tracers crossing two Blue Tracers
-Black w/ two Red Tracers crossing two Red Tracers
-Yellow w/ a Black and Red Cross Tracer


Vintage Carbs, Multi-Carb Intakes, etc

Nothing says "HOT ROD" like multiple carbs. Give the street rodders fits cause you're not running fuel injection!



Radir Wheels

Can you have a sixties style hot rod without Radir Wheels? Nope.

Wheel Size .... Back Spacings available
14 x 6..... 3-1/8"
15 x 4..... 2-1/2"
15 x 6..... 3-1/8"
15 x 7..... 4"
15 x 8..... 4", 4 ½, 5"
15 x 10.... 4", 4 ½, 5"

All Tri Ribb III Wheels available in 4½, 4¾, 5", 5½ Bolt Patterns. Wheels Available in Full Polish or Satin Center Polished Lip


Banjo Rear End Torque Arm Kit $165

For more information visit victoryheaderflanges.com .


Coker Tires

We are a dealer for Coker tires and can supply all your vintage tire needs. Wide White Walls, skinny whitewalls, black walls, piecrusts, Firestones, bias plies, radials and redlines!

header flanges  

Sunoco Racing Fuels:
Sold in Octanes of 104, 110, 114 and 116,
plus 116 NOS fuel in 5 gallon jugs.

header flanges   Racing Purple Racing Oil
header flanges   NOS
Fittings, kits, bottles and refills
header flanges   Holley Carbs and parts
header flanges   Edelbrock carbs and parts
header flanges  

Say "why-and" speed equipment

header flanges  

Earl's Performance Fittings:
All the fittings you need for your engine and fuel system

header flanges   Hurst Shifters

If you don't see a part contact us and we'll see
if we can't find it or make it. This is just a small
sampling of products we carry or can get.

Air Ride Technologies
Coker Tire
Dice Magazine
Fabrication Supplies
Garage Magazine
Gearhead Magazine
Hop Up Magazine
Hometown Hot Rods
Hot Rod Deluxe
Kustom Kulture Apparel
Lucky 13
Mad Fabricators Society
Maund Speed Equipment
Moon Equipment
Night Prowlers
Ol’ Skool Rodz
Pete & Jakes
Radir Wheels
Rolls & Pleats
So-Cal Speed Shop
Speedway Motors
Traditional Rod and Kulture Magazine
The Rodder's Journal
United Speedometer Service
Vintage Books
Vintage Speed Equipment
Wilcap Adapters
Wilson Welding & Machine
Zombie Hotrod Wear
Hot Rod Boooks, Hard Cover and Soft Cover
and more!

Illinois customers are subject to 8.25% sales tax.


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