We can take your pride and joy and upgrade a few things at a time, or go all in and upgrade everything. The choice is yours. Click here to view our complete list of Services.

Sheet Metal

We can handle your sheet metal needs from patch panels, custom body modifications, floors, chopped tops, body channeling, custom headlight and tail light treatments, custom grilles, custom bumpers and complete aluminum interiors.


We can make your car immediately safer and more reliable with an all new wiring harness from Painless Wiring. We can also upgrade your dash with updated gauges or have your original gauges rebuilt.

Complete Chassis Fabrication

We can build a complete chassis for your hot rod project. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Front Suspension

We can build a front suspension with a Pete & Jakes dropped axle with hairpins or wishbones or an updated Mustang II front suspension.

Rear Suspension

We offer our everything from a rebuilt Ford banjo rear end, a quick change rear end, our HRCC Double Live Gonzo rear axle utilizing Moser Engineering Components to our HRCC Skunkworks Interceptor IRS.

Engine and Transmission Swaps

From mild to wild, from traditional to high tech, we can handle it all, putting any engine and transmission combination into any car.

Headers and Exhaust

We can make custom headers in any vehicle from traditional headers to 180° headers, to full NASCAR style exhaust including full turbo systems.

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