High Performance, Track Proven Muscle Cars

With our 10 year anniversary in 2014, formalized our Race Car Division as the Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle Skunkworks. Since the beginning, we’ve built 1964 and earlier hot rods and customs or any year race car. The race car division has always been a little under the radar. We’ve consistently built cages and suspension in drag car Camaros, and road racing Porsches and muscle cars. It was our best kept secret. We joked internally that it was the “Skunkworks”…. top secret stuff that goes mad stupid ridiculously fast! It seemed only natural to expand that work into something more visible to our customers and fans around the world. 

Our VIOLENT Valiant has appeared at SEMA 3 times and competed in the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car series making it the OUSCI in Vegas twice, as well as winning the Design and Engineering segment. The LeMans Corvette was the debuted at SEMA in 2016 and received the first ever Todd Rumpke Memorial Golden Ticket to run at OUSCI, a great honor for us. Stay tuned for more exciting Pro-Touring cars that love the track as much as the street in the years to come.