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1933 Ford pick up

"Tangerine Scream"

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( updated July 20, 2009 )

Engine: Supercharged Chrysler 392 HEMI
Transmission: TTC TKO 600 5-Speed
Rear End: 9" Rear axle
Front Suspension: 4" Dropped & Drilled I-Beam
Rear Suspension: HRCC
Frame: HRCC Frame
Body Modifications: Hand Crafted steel grille shell, chopped 5 inches, Hand Crafted Truck Bed, 10.00-15 Radir Slicks, 5.60-15 Coker Firestone Pie Crusts

Formerly known as Helen Wheels, this truck has far exceeded it's original design plan. So much so, that a judge at a show, an older gentleman, swore up and down that he had seen it in one of the little books, 2 weeks after we had finished the truck. Can there be a greater compliment than that??

Attendee by special request at the 2008 Detroit's Eyes On Design at the Edsel Ford Estate

2009 Chicago World of Wheels Select 6 Winner

1922 oakland shop truck

Click here to see VIDEO
of Tangerine Scream


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